Having a personal blog is a big step for me. It is exciting, like having new pet, but makes me wonder “do I really have time for this?” Life can be so busy and so much is happening. Do I even know where to start?


I had a blog during my college years in China. It was not a personal blog but solely devoted to my long-standing hobby – horror stories filled with paranormal activity and haunting places. There was a community of writers producing these stories on weekly basis, published on public forums. I recommended them on my blog and categorized them by writer (collector? hoarder?). The blog lasted quite a few years until I came to U. S. But a personal blog? How fast will I get bored talking about myself?

It is not that there is nothing to talk about – growing up in mainland China, moving to the States in early 2000, married to an European – such experience putting me into an amazing mixture of cultures and opinions, like a pot of broth. The most important aspect of this experience, is that coming from a nation with millions of people who look similar and hold very uniformed values, to a nation built on individualism and by diverse populations. It is like getting a second chance to re-live my life and free to choose to be whoever I want to be. The choices are daily and endless.

I hope this blog serves well my desire of documenting my life and the journey my hubby and I share together. He is currently growing his own business and we are itching to move to the mountains soon. Let us get adventurous!