Welcome to 2016, everyone!

As far as bloggers are concerned, I am super late on the whole new year resolution thing. I am not a fan making New Year resolutions – probably because I never accomplished any year’s “resolutions”, which was usually something like “going to gym 4 times a week” or “stop procrastinating”. Come on! This type of resolution not only reminds me what I have failed, but gave me another chance to fail it again. They makes feel super disappointed on myself and depressed.

Then I saw this quote:


Isn’t it brilliant? Shouldn’t our new year resolution more about intention, about the goal we want to achieve, and less about the “action” we need to take? What we eventually want to accomplish, by “going to gym 4 times a week”, is “a healthy and well toned body”, which can be accomplished in many many ways, like going to gym twice a week and eating healthy and take bunch of walks. In this way, I am less likely to focus on my inability of accomplish a (probably) over-ambitious goal, but more likely to find how to get to my goal comfortably and guilt-free. Are you with me?

So I made a list more of “what I want to do” rather than “what I have to do to get there”. And believe or not, I feel more motivated this way. “Going to gym 4 time a week” immediately sounds like a chore to me, but “getting better core strength” is something I want want and want. So I am off to my yoga class in 5 minutes and I am actually looking forward to it.

Since I feel confident to actually get to my goals, I am not afraid to share them with you here. Starting small to big, I want to strengthen my core and arms more, try minimal closet, travel more, move to another city, buy a house, and maybe try a new career path. Wow that gets big pretty fast! But do not worry, if you have the patient of listening, I will whisper all these goals into your ears like we are the best gals. 🙂