Merry Christmas, everyone! My wish comes a couple days late which only speaks for how relaxing the holiday break I had. We cooked a lot, hung out with friends, and went skiing a couple times. We spent a lot of time in our newly finished living space, where the Christmas tree was set. We replaced all the lights on our old pre-lit tree to make it a lot nicer. This is also the first time we have enough ornament to make the tree look full.


We have been collecting ornaments for years from antique stores and estate sales. We favor wood toys, woodland animals, and weird-looking Santa ornaments.








2020 was a special year. We did not go thrifting or get any ornaments online. Slav’s co-worker knit some coronavirus dolls for everyone in the company. We put ours in the tree as an ornament to remember this unusual year.


We kept each other’s gift under the tree for a good part of December and opened them on the Christmas day. I gifted Slav a pair of cast iron pans and Slav gave me a birdhouse terrarium.



We centered the Christmas tree in front of the living room window so it can be seen from the street. We also put lights on the pine tree in front of the house. In the evenings, both trees can be seen from where we sit.



Pups often lay under the tree at night. I think they enjoy the twinkling lights too.



The Christmas tree turned the living room a perfect space for sitting still in the evening, watching reading listening to music, and just spending time together. We have had a busy year with lots of upgrades to our home. We just need to make sure that we spend as much time enjoying it as we do working on it!