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A Back Fence Upgrade

This week, we continue making small upgrades to our house and garden. Since having completed the main floor guest bathroom, our focus has been fine-toning the details inside and outside the house. We patched holes and touch-painted, refreshed the hidden portion under the roof, fixed broken pickets on the fence, re-potted all the indoor plants, […]

How Much Does It Really Cost? A Closer Look into Our Horizontal Fence

Renovation cost can vary a lot. Before we started the DIY fence build, one very important yet hard-to-find information we sought after, was how much a fence should cost. We did request a few quotes from local contractors, but for many reasons I will explain below, no one could tell us how much it would cost […]

Fence, Finished!

After five weeks of hard work, our DIY fence was complete. Do you like it? WE DO. A LOT. 🙂 Besides a few weeks of planning, this fence took five weeks of physical work to build, including demoing the old chain link fence. Here is a week-by-week task breakdown: Week 1: Preparing the ground for the […]

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