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Patch It All UP

If you’ve been follow along, you would know that the exterior of our house has been our recent focus. Getting a house winter ready and the foundation protected is a lot of work. That includes making sure that our roof and gutter are in good order, the foundation is sealed and has good drainage, and […]

Murphy Bed Installation

I do not remember the last time skipping blogging for 6 weeks – we have been busy… I am writing a lot for work and from my new desk, while Slav worked solo at the closet wall behind me. It has always been our plan to install a Murphy bed into the existing closet. When […]

The Utility Room: It Is All About Plumbing

Two weeks have passed since we started working on the basement utility room. We’ve been busy! First things first, Slav demoed the last bit old drywall in the utility room. Our house is finally purple wall-free. Without the big block of purple color, the space immediately felt lovely. I actually do not mind the concrete […]

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