Got my birthday flower this year – another orchid! It looks like hubby has finally settled on the gift flowers.

Birthday Orchid
Last year’s orchid

We had the “flower talk” pretty soon after we started dating. He was not comfortable giving me fresh cut flowers because he thought it was a bit cruel to the flowers (what a sensitive guy). On top of that,  we were both so poor as graduate students that we ‘d rather have all-you-can-eat Sushi than Valentine’s day roses. There came the no-money-wasted-on-flower policy. Apparently we chose not think about cruelty to fish as much because they are so DELICIOUS.As a result, knowing him for almost ten years I probably got fresh flowers only once ever. It was a funny moment because I thought he was gonna propose when I saw the flowers! I immediately felt weak on my knees and had to sit down. It turned out that he was not, LOL. Still now, we are making fun of each other about that moment. But hey, dating for five years and he just moved 500 miles to live with me,  and walking in to my apartment to a big bouquet of red roses on a Valentine’s day – who can blame a girl to think a bit too far? And by the end of the night we did decide to get married – so as least the end result was the same.

Last year was a game changer because I started gardening. We went to garden section of Home Depot so many times and looked at so many flowers together. I guess he liked the look of Orchids. So that was by birthday flower. What I did not see coming is that I got another one this year! At this rate I should have a decent collection by the time I am 50.