Happy July 4th everyone! We had great fun with friends shooting fireworks at our house! Hubby dressed in a red T-shirt and blue shorts and worn a full-size American flag as his cape. He even put a small flag on our American Bull Terrier. 🙂

We love food-theme parties. Back to California we hosted potato parties to which everyone bought a potato dish and we had competitions who made the best potatoes. And last year we hosted a noodle party where guest contributed a noodle or pasta dish. Our friends were all so creative and brought noodle dish from different part of the world and all of them were insanely delicious. So we decided to do it again this weekend.

Hubby spent a day deep-cleaning our place – it sound weird to clean BEFORE the party but our guests are all pretty mature so we did not expect any destruction. With two dogs the sofa can be a bit smelly, plus there were storms everyday and the dogs just kept bringing mud into the house. We wanted to make out guest feel comfortable. My job was cooking – I cooked cold sesame noodle last year and this year I could not wait but cooking my new favorite – Dandan noodles. And it was such a hit that it was gone in 10 minutes!