Folks, our garage is fully organized!


The garage has been a dump ground and workshop for us – it held everything we had during the first week, when we removed the main floor carpet. It has since been our tool shed, material storage, and sometimes paint shop. It feels sooo good to see it finally clean and organized.

This is what we started with three weeks ago:


You can see that we had a decent starting point – we do not store random stuff here, just tools. We also have bought a couple tool benches and a cart. But it lacked organization – everything was piling on top of each other and it took on average 5 minutes to find anything.

During the last three weeks, we tackled each side of the wall individually – we put up some paint storage, built a ski rack, added sporting storage, and created a mud area. Most recently, we have finished the end wall with new insulation and plywood coverage:


We had some old pegboard around, so Slav power washed them, cut some to size to fit above the work benches:



He also built a shelf above the kitchen door opening, which houses our house server and router.


And this is what our garage looks like today!


To the right is the southern wall:


We added another shelf to our paint corner for our growing paint and sealant supplies:



We added some storage on the southeast corner:


The freezer and the work shop area occupy the eastern wall:


This is our wood working bench:


The second bench is home to our powertools:


Cables and PPEs are hung behind the kitchen door opening:


The northern wall contains all our sporting equipment and a mud area. Our DIY ski rack houses five snowboards and two pairs of skis/poles, a true work horse:


We enjoy the convenience of the mud area offers:


We are now able to park both of our cars in the garage in case of bad weather:


There is just enough room for the drivers to get out of the car, thanks to all the wall organization:



Not so much room for the passenger though. We are working on hanging all the ladders onto the ceiling to make more room on this side:


Our garage is certainly not done yet. But for this winter, we are thrilled to have everything organized and both of cars into the garage. We can already feel that how much easier our renovation work became with a fully organized workshop and a clutter-free garage. After working every day including weekends for months, we are looking forward to taking time off for the rest of the week, and enjoying some warm fire, cold beer, and conversations on our still-new patio. See you next week, friends!