My hubby is a geek for tech. He loves computers, sound equipment, and small electronics. He spends a lot of time reading and drooling over them on internet, which I really appreciate. For one, it is nice to have someone who is very knowledgeable about electronics at home. From purchasing new things at the right timing, to setting up network/sound/projector systems, all the way to managing, updating and fixing our current ones, hubby must have saved us so much money. Second, he LOVES doing it. It is not a chore, but more of a hobby. He is always thinking about how to improve our existing projector/sound/network system, and constantly looking for deals or second-hand equipment online in his spare time. It is such a win-win situation for us so I highly encourage him. Most importantly, he RARELY makes a purchase. Hubby is cheap, super, cheap. So even he knows the best, he buys the best price per unit, with one exception: headphones.

Hubby got his first and only pair of headphones in the year of 2000. He was still in high school and just came to the States from his homeland. He got his first summer job working in construction, earned his first (and fat) paycheck cleaning mold off old buildings in NYC. We are talking about wearing whole body suits, respirator and gloves in NY summer without air conditioning. Most of the money went to his college funds, and the only thing he bought for himself was a Sennheiser. This headphone is still, 15 years later, rated No.2 on Head-Fi among all the over-ear headphones, with the No. 1 being a new version of it.

Therefore (with this long explanation), it is not hard to imagine how tickled he was when I told him that I needed a new headphone. I always used cheap headphones, because I rarely listen to music. They are pretty much a “I am busy do not talk to me” sign at work. When my $50 headphone broke, my hope was to get a cheap and petty pair and just roll with it. But when I told hubby my plan, his eyes popped out and his face turned red with anger, at which moment I knew I had made a biiiiig mistake.

It was too late. I begged to take the matter back into my hands, rejected. I begged to be involved in the searching process, rejected. I begged to at least suggest a color, rejected. The only thing I was allowed to do was paying for it. A week later, hubby presented to me three options, all of which were black, ugly, but of good quality (of course). As much as I appreciated that the wait was almost over, I could not hide my disappointment to their looks. Hubby was insulted. Oh yes he was. He stopped talking to me that night and sent me this link. Sigh.

I am gonna skip the discussions we had a couple nights in row after, and just say that at the end, he agreed to consider my one and only one requirement: light color. And he decided to pay for it so I would not cheap out to go for the Frozen. One night after some beer, he pulled the trigger and ordered this beauty, and made us a loyal family to Sennheiser.

Over excitement and alcohol led to a critical error in the ordering process – hubby accidentally ordered both over-ear and on-ear versions. But since we got the on-ear one with an amazing deal, hubby decided to keep them both. So from this, I all the sudden have these –

It is good to have a geek at home. Right?