Today is a good day because – I found that there is a thing called Burpee Pivot Corners.

I was binge reading posts from a blog I discovered a few days ago: deuce cities henhouse. I love the down-to-the-earth style of their blog and everything about their garden. They live in Minneapolis where the grow season is super short. But everything in their garden looks so beautiful during spring and summer months. I cannot help but drooling over every picture on this blog.

Since we built our first raised bed in spring 2014 and the second one last winter, I started paying a lot of attention to how people design and build theirs. I was impressed how sleek the raised beds look over the deuce cities henhouse and my eyes were drawn to the black edge of the beds – How did they construct it?

Alice, the host of the blog kindly provided the source and it turned out that these were Burpee Pivot Corners. I mean look at it. Is this brilliant? All you need to do is to secure the aluminum tubing onto wood planks with screws (or not!) and lego the two metal pieces together, like this:

Photo credit: deuce cities henhouse

I know it is not absolutely necessary, But this just makes the beds look so much better! And think about the flexibility it offers – I can easily add a side and change the shape of the garden by myself, without asking hubby for help every time.

Don’t you just want to sing this song now? Yes. My life is wonderful now I know IT is in the world!