According to my plan to  “live more with intentions” in 2016, there are five places I plan to visit this year. I am happy to report that we have already crossed one off the list!

We adore mountains, and we love Colorado. At the beginning of this year when I told hubby my plan to “live with intentions”, I asked him, “what would you LOVE to do”? He said, “going back to Colorado and walking in snow on top of the mountains”. Can you believe it? He wanted to do this for years! But what really does it take for it to happen? We opened a beer, looked at calendar together, booked tickets and Airbnb in an hour. DONE. It was that easy. We were so happy everyday because of the oncoming trip.

We knew we made the right choice when we arrived the Denver airport and saw this:


Looked about right.

And there was just a storm the night before:


 Now it looked perfect! We jumped into our rental car and 8 hours later, we arrived at Telluride:



Telluride is a skiers’ temple. It is a remote ski town, which offers dozens of awesome diamond trails in the top mountain and long blues at the bottom part. It does not have many residents nor visitors, so the mountain and trails remain very empty – another skiers’ dream. On top of that, it has champagne powder – can you ask for more?


We skied and drove all around to visit small mining towns. It was hard not to be happy when all we saw was this:



The evening before heading back to North Carolina, we took a long evening walk at Telluride and hubby kept saying how much he loved Colorado – the mountains, the culture, the people, the food, the beer…and I was like “so do you want to move here”? and hubby was like “well, can we?” and I was like “Why can’t we?” then we both realized that there was no reason that we could not move to Colorado if both of us want to.

So I guess this “live with intentions” thing just got more serious. We have been talking about leaving the South for three years now but when you work a stable jobs you just feel more and more settled down. We got dogs. We planted trees. We made built-ins in our apartment! But, if our intention is to live in the mountains someday, because we KNOW it is our happy place, why not today? why wait?

The mountains heard us and this was how she responded: