I enjoyed a lot of blogs. Recently I am really impressed with Manhattan Nest, whose writer is a very very young person. He is probably still a college student or just graduated, but he writes so well. I came across this blog when I was googling cute pit bull pictures – something I do to make myself happy. And I found this picture of one of Daniel’s dogs:

Isn’t this the cutest ever? My Roxie does the same thing to her toys and looks the same when she does it. So committed.

Then I read his post about his dog. It was is so touching and spoke all the feelings I had for my Roxie. His writing is sooooo good and put me into soooo much shame that I almost wanted to terminate my blog. But I will keep practice maybe one day I could write like he does.

Head to his blog here and you will enjoy it! I promise! He writers a lot about home renovation which were very good, detailed posts compared to other “famous” home renovation blogs.  I personally enjoy his post in “life” the most. He is very young and still figuring out relationships and he describe them very very well with the passion that only a 20-year-old could have.