Happy July 4th weekend, everyone!

As I told you last time on the blog, we bought a ranch and started moving in on our closing day. This 1964 ranch has not been updated for 20 years, as the previous family who lived here for 17 years did not do any upgrades. When we did the inspection, we focused more on the structure of the house. But during our final walk through on our closing day, we payed more attention to the fixtures.

Main floor living room on the closing day



Kitchen on closing day


Main floor bedroom 1 on closing day


Main floor bathroom on closing day


The condition was rough. The entire house except kitchen and bathrooms are covered by +20 year old carpets, and all the fixtures, from curtain rods to kitchen cabinets are cheap and old. Everything, I meant everything, was maintained via the easiest way possible and with the lowest grade of materials. FUNCTIONAL ONLY.

A good representation of light fixtures throughout the house


Bad grout job in the bathroom


Paint peeling everywhere


One thing the owner screwed up before closing, is that they accidentally burned the carpet in the living room.


We took this opportunity to take a peek under the carpet:


And there is hardwood floor underneath! We immediately checked other rooms on the first floor, and found hardwood floors throughout the main floor.


Since that day, we have been working through every single awaken moments to demo bad fixtures. I am happy to report that the upstairs has been demo-ed to livable condition!  It does sound weird – but 95% we have done so far has been stripping things off the house. I cannot wait to tell you guys all about the last two weeks!

Here is a sneak peek of the living room today:


Much better, right?