How do you know that he is the one? 

It was my two-year wedding anniversary last Saturday. We celebrated by reserving time for ourselves separately in the morning (me: Yoga and gardening; him: sleeping), then checked out a couple dining options TOGETHER which we always wanted to try. In the evening, I set up some string lights in our living room and we talked. We talked about our childhood, our dreams and what we want to do for the whole evening. It was truly the best night I could ask for. The whole time I kept thinking how lucky I was to be with him, then the next morning I read this post.

It could not have been better speaking of my minds even if I had done it myself. Here is a short list:

We laughed at each other’s jokes.
It was a choice.
It felt inevitable.
We became a team.
He made everything better.
It was never a question.
I couldn’t imagine my life without him.
He was the nicest.

I met my hubby when I was still in a relationship. It was pretty committed but did not feel right from the beginning. I made a mistake staying in it thinking that I could work on it. Then I met hubby. He was not the “type” I imaged myself falling love with, And I honestly had never thought about dating a foreigner before. But here he came, speaking English and thought Chinese food was no more than orange chicken, made me feel like relaxed from the first minute. With him I always felt comfortable, energetic and happy. On top of that, he smelt very good to me. 🙂

It felt inevitable, so I made my choice and stayed with him. It was not an easy choice, and it did hurt some people and created inconvenience, but I am glad I did – I just could not image being apart with him. And I guess only marrying to him can make it work.

Looking back, what did he have to make me feel that close to him? One thing I was, and am still impressed by him is that he is very nice, very considerate, and very very generous. It is easy to say someone is a “nice” guy. But in real life, it takes a lot to be nice. That means you have to be compassionate, then being considerate, then actually putting other people ahead of yourself, then act on it. I only knew a few people will go out of their way helping people, and seeing the whole group’s benefit as their own. Hubby is one of them. I thought I was nice before knowing him, but boy I learned soooo much from just watching him everyday!

Hubby is an introvert, a creative, thinking type of introvert. He is very smart, very knowledgeable, but only speaks about 1/10 of what he knows. Almost everyone in my family is an extrovert. I hate to admit but I probably act like 120% of what I know. So someone like him was really impressive to me. I had to read more, listen more, think more to be able to even understand him. It definitely changed my learning pattern for better.

We were friends for a few years first. Even there was mutual attraction at the beginning, we did not rush into anything but supported each other in a great deal the first a few years being in school together. It was tough for him first, then me, then him again, so I think we became a great team and colleague as the foundation of our romance, At the end of third year, we are inseparable to the point that we were almost family. Then we started dating really really carefully to not ruin what we have built. Gladly it worked out until today.

Now looking back, I guess we are qualified as “love at first site” and “it was never a question”. We knew all these time that there was something non-replaceable between us. Even we did not realize, we just know.