Alison + Slav

We are two neuroscientists living in the beautiful mountains in sunny Colorado. Slav grew up in a quiet and charming town near Krakow, Poland and moved to NYC in 2001. Alison (aka 小乔), was born in Beijing, China and moved to US in 2005. We met in California while attending graduate school, and since lived up and down the two coasts. In March 2017, we made a bold move to Colorado with our two dogs, Roxie and Charlie. It is not easy to quit our jobs and leave our friends behind. But the mountains are calling and We. Must. Go!

Just Dogs

Just dogs is a Tumblr Site dedicated to our dogs’ daily lives. We created the site in late 2012 shortly after we adopted our first dog, Roxie. We then adopted Charlie in the Halloween night of 2013. This is a place that guarantees to bring you joy and relaxation.

Rocky Mountain Grants

We are excited to restart our careers in Colorado. Slav is an experienced grant writer and funding consultant. After becoming a Coloradoan, he started his own grant consulting company, Rocky Mountain Grants. If you are interested in obtaining funding for your small business or non-profilt, shoot him an email! You can also request his consultation here for free.

Terrific Broth

We are excited to get our first house in summer 2017, and work hard to make it our own. We also dream to build an off-grid cabin in the mountains one day. Here on the Terrific Broth, you will find us renovating our 60’s ranch, gardening our own food, and DIY-ing our way into a healthier and more eco-friendly life style. If you are also into sustainable living, authentic home cooking, snowy mountains, and dogs, let us connect! And thanks for reading!