Happy 4th of July, everyone! If you have been paying attention to my instagram feed, you must have noticed a new addition to our household – our foster puppy, Dazumble.

Slav and I have been talking about fostering for a long time. With all the house renovation going on, we did not want to expose shelter dogs who are likely sensitive and skittish to construction noises and potential hazard materials. Last summer, we wrapped up the interior renovations, and immediately adopted Charlie, a 2-year-old hound mix.

It took Charlie over 9 months to completely bond with us. Once he started acting totally secure and relaxed, Slav and I started to consider fostering again. We visited a few shelters to learn about their foster programs, and eventually settle on Soul Dog Rescue, the same shelter we we adopted Charlie from. The Soul Dog Rescue is a local shelter serving the rural communities on Native American reservations. They come to the tribal lands periodically to offer free spay and neuter services, and bring stray and surrendered dogs and cats back to the shelter in the Denver area. We applied to their foster program in May, went through background checks and a house visit, and got approved! This week, we finally were able to bring our first foster home.


Dazumble was born in the shelter. Her mother was captured while being pregnant, and she and her siblings were raised in the shelter until they were ready to be adopted. Growing up in kennels, Daz had not been exposed to a regular household. Generally, she is scared of leaving a place, and does not want to be put on a leash. Our hope is that by living with us, even just for a few weeks, she can be house trained, get familiar with household items, and get used to seeing new people and spaces. Being comfortable with the big outside world will help her to be more social during adoption events, which helps her to find her new family!


We brought her home on a Saturday. She was a bit scared at first, but started playing with Charlie quickly. Being with other dogs probably helped her to feel safe. By Wednesday, she has mastered the doggy door, slept through the nights, and become BFFs with Charlie and Roxie.


We ordered her a new elevated dog bed just like the ones Roxie and Charlie have, so they can chill outside together.


But she definitely prefers sleeping inside – unless playing, she naps in her crate, on the sofa, or the living room carpet, or even in our bed.



The following Saturday, one week after we first brought Dazumble home, I took her to her first adoption event! She was a bit nervous when I dropped her off, but she let the adoption workers take her inside without a problem. She did well there, and when I brought her home, she ran straight to Charlie and started playing.


So far, Daz has been with us for 10 days, and is doing excellent. I can already tell that she will be an excellent family pet. She is smart, calm, playful, and independent. I am sure the right family will come soon! It is heartbroken to see how many animals waiting behind bars for their forever family. But I see hope in their eyes. “I do not know where I will be, but I know someone must be waiting for me. “