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Our dream homestead – a small off-the-grid cabin in the mountains.

A perfect A-Frame


I cannot help but posting this A-frame here. It looks like a perfect cabin for me, cute, roomy, and clean. It is featured on Apartment Therapy here. And you can find more before-and-after pictures here.

And here is an interview of the owner of this perfect A-frame, who, not surprisingly, is an artist herself. Enjoy!

Dream Bedroom

Small – only contain a bed
Tall ceilings – even better with a skylight!
Dark paint on the ceiling – for stargazing!
Books! White bedding!


The Little Red Roof

I have a cabin fever, a castle fantasy, and a Siheyuan faddish. I have been pinning so much about house designs and it is hard to pick a favorite – there are so many brilliant ones! But once a while, I will be drawn to the simplest house design. A while ago I visited a small, local museum in South Poland and I was so in love with it. Something about arched doorways, high ceilings and stained glass windows are just screaming “romantic”! Surprisingly, to myself, what I loved the most about this house is being symmetrical.

This is the view when walking into the front door. The entry hallway is very wide, probably because this house was built as a shelter for elderly and disabled to begin with. The hallway points to the very back of the house. Behind the curtains is a pair of French doors opening to the backyard garden. I cannot help but imaging a round, rust wood dining table in front of the backdoor with a blue oriental vase like this.

On either side of the hallway there are two rooms, the bigger ones are in the front (south) of the house and the ones at the back (north) are slightly shallower.

From entry to left is the living room









Looking at right side of the entry







And this is the view from the backdoor (where the red curtain is) looking back to the entry. The front doors are doubled layers with a small foyer in between.

The smaller room at the back of the living room was used as a kitchen.

And the door led to a big size mudroom – a winter must in this region. on the other side of the mudroom there is a half bath and a closet. This mudroom has doors on both side.


Look back to the living room from the kitchen. Can you see a small stone stove in between the doorways?










The rooms are symmetrical on the other side of the house. Plenty room for a library and a bedroom.

And the outside of this house is just as cute as the inside. Most of the country houses in this region have red roof and white walls. Surrounded by gardens on three sides of the house, I am so in love!

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